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Get the Facts:   Why Not Just Rebuild on the Current Site on Beaver Street?  

Build it on Beaver is a catchy phrase, but not a reality. It is easy to create a nice sketch of a new school on the current site, but the truth of the matter is that this site has been studied extensively and is woefully inadequate to support a new school. 

Major Floodplain and Soil Issues


More than 70% of the existing site sits in a flood plain. This leaves 3 buildable acres to work with. The ground conditions of those 3 acres are also challenging. Much of the site is fill and sand soils on top of an Upper Freeport coal seam. These conditions mandate unusually deep and costly foundations. In addition, the site has groundwater mitigation problems, evident by the water penetration and flooding issues in the current school. 


Building on the lower portion of the site would require disrupting the floodplain and local waterways and years of permitting from FEMA, state and local officials – which the district would not be guaranteed to get. Even if permits were granted, the district would sink millions upon millions of dollars into building the land up 8 feet, losing much of the construction budget to moving dirt. In addition, to mitigate the loss of 9.6 acres of floodplain, the district would be required to acquire additional land elsewhere within this floodplain to offset the land it developed. (Here’s a video explaining the issues:

Effects on the Student

Even if a renovation of the existing building was possible, there would still be a significant, detrimental impact on our kids. Students would have to vacate the high school for at least 3 years likely into 26 portable trailers spread out across the athletic facilities and existing parking lots. This would mean no on-campus athletic events, no student drivers and extremely limited parking resulting in off-site parking with shuttles for staff and visitors.

Even if you assume nothing goes wrong with the incredibly complicated renovation, approximately 900 kids in our community would spend nearly all or a significant portion of their high school experience in trailers while the rest of the campus is turned in to a construction zone. This is completely unacceptable. 


100 Year Floodplain map of the Current location on Beaver


Zoomed out view of 100 Year Floodplain


Would Everything Be Fixed? 

Not Even Close. 


  • Limited classroom space - no room to grow!

  • Lack of a competitive gym space and outdated athletic facilities

  • Accessibility issues would persist

  • Lack of parking would still be a major issue

  • Traffic issues in mornings/afternoons creating unsafe conditions would be unchanged

  • Traffic issues for school events would be unchanged

Bottom line


The QVHS current site on Beaver street does not have the space or land conditions to adequately support a modern building. The QV School district came to this conclusion in 2016, and rightfully turned their attention to alternate building sites. 

trailer map.JPG

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Presented at March 10, 2020 board meeting by Dr. Andrew Surloff, Assistant Superintendent


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Presented on May 12, 2020 board meeting by Mr. Charlie Gauthier, Director Facilities

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