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We invite parents, grandparents, alumni, teachers, students and anyone else in our community to join our growing chorus of support by adding a sentence or two below. THANKS! 

" I support the renovation/rebuilding of the high school! As a class of 2017 grad I know how much a renovation is needed it will be exciting to see the final product and the impact it has on our community!"

 - Maggie Dobbins

​​"We have always viewed the construction of a new high school as a key asset to our entire community and a necessary investment in generations of children.  Our current circumstances are now highlighting an overwhelming community desire to have a safe educational home for our children and an absolute need for modern facilities that can be flexible to support the changing educational landscape.  Building a new high school will give the Quaker Valley community a strong foundation for the next 75+ years."

 - Adrienne and Doug Donaldson

"​​As a QV alumna who graduated roughly 30 years ago, I remember the high school seeming dated then. The QV community deserves state-of-the-art schools that support the needs of today's teachers and students. It's beyond time for a new high school. A 100-year-old physical plant cannot support the changes required to ensure QV schools remain a great learning environment."

 - Anne Merrill

"I am a proud QVHS graduate and am encouraged by the hard work and dedication of so many area residents to diligently propose this necessary project. While I understand some of the concerns, it seems apparent to me in my review of all the material presented, that the benefits far outnumber the costs of moving forward. I hope the community can support the great efforts of sensible neighbors and friends to encourage the completion of this much needed improvement to the community."

 - Tim Merrill

​​“As a parent of a recent QV grad and two current QVHS students, I know a new high school building is long overdue. I trust that the process is in good hands and believe the new facility will be an asset to Leet Township and the entire Quaker Valley community.”

   - Donna Krebs

This project has been a long time coming. It is appropriate that we look to invest in our future generations and the facilities where they will spend a significant amount of their day. This is a must have for the continuous improvement of the Quaker Valley educational experience!!

   - Richard Garbee

For decades we have reaped the benefits of increasing property values because we have been a top 10 local school district. Competing districts have invested in their schools and now offer state-of-the art facilities - we need to make this investment to keep up with the other top-rated districts. Building a new high school not only benefits our children, it will support the continued increase of our home values and our ability to resell when it's time for a move. A new high school benefits every homeowner in this community, whether you have kids in the school system or not.

 - Kathe Barge

"The district spent several years gathering input from parents, students, and teachers on a new facility. It's time to end the delays and build a new Quaker Valley High School!"

 - Kirk Fordham

"The curriculum rigor is imperative but the physical offerings at QV are also extremely important. As a former QVHS parent, I am aware of many issues in the current high school building; bandaids are not appropriate at this juncture."

 - Barb Thaw

"The need for a new high school is obvious, not only by way of affording future generations the best education we can but also by way of enhancing the overall attractiveness of living in the QV school district. We view supporting the new high school as a privilege."

 - Ken & Hope Linge

"Let's rally around each other to take on this important task of creating something new and special. Something that is revolutionary, efficient and will sustain the needs of our high school students for many years to come."​

 - Jerry Veshio

"I am definitely a supporter of QV schools and of the board's efforts to build a new high school."

 - Dave Weicht

"The new high school is important to me short term for my children, but it is equally important to me long term ensuring property values remain premium."

 - Daphne Homer

"Our family moved to QV in 2008. We knew Osborne Elementary was the right place for our sons with hearing loss. Now, both boys are in high school which poses numerous facility-related challenges. A new high school won't be in time for our kids, but is the right thing for our community."

 - Hadley & Scott Haas

"A new high school is critical to future-proof our district and ensure that the quality of QV education remains strong for generations to come."

 - Wendy Quattlebaum

“A new high school will be the cornerstone of our community for many years to come. You can't build the future of Quaker Valley around an old dilapitated building."​

 - Toby Holles

“Young families come to Quaker Valley expecting a high caliber of teachers, staff, and facilities. It is now time for the high school to reflect the level of quality that we have come to know and expect from Quaker Valley."

 - Tim Murdoch

“We are both QV graduates and now QV parents. It is unbelievable that the high school building and property haven't changed in 30 years!"

 - Amy & Mike Szuba

"Our outstanding community deserves a state-of-the-art high school campus of which it can be proud."

 - Kari Miller 

"This will truly be a modern, new school that will support the QV tradition of excellence in education. It's not an extravagance, rather a continuation of the wise investments our community has always made in the future of our children."

  - Don Birnie

"I have always believed that communities that invest in youth prosper. The quality of QV schools continues to draw new families to our community. I am excited about having a high school that will meet the needs of the future!"

 - Joan Murdoch

"As a long-time QV community resident, I look forward to this next step in keeping QV educational facilities competitive with those in neighboring communities. The new high school will become another community jewel about which we can all be proud."

 - Tim Merrill

“We have elected a school board based on their passion for education balanced by their responsible stewardship of our tax dollars. I trust their expertise and am confident in their due diligence and transparency."

 - Nancy House, MD

“I have three grown children who graduated from Quaker Valley. As a senior citizen, I am happy to invest in the children attending and the children who will attend in the future."

 - Pat Irwin

“I support the site on the hill...hearing some of the consultants speak at past meetings has convinced me that the Board has been very diligent at pursuing all potential options and the have selected the best one."

 - Wayne Murphy

“I attended Quaker Valley High School from 1995-1998. The building wasn't in great shape then and that was almost 30 years ago. It's time!"

 - Lyndsey Sierra

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