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QV Strong Endorsement:
Stratton Nash

Region 2: Sewickley Borough

A Clear Choice Between a Big Talker and a Compassionate Listener. 

With the retirement of former school board president, Sarah Heres, Sewickley Borough residents will choose a new person to represent them on the school board. Fortunately, voters in this region will have the opportunity to elect Stratton Nash, a QV grad with a genuine desire to give back to his community after a successful career in business. Nash is a skilled listener and natural consensus builder—traits that will serve him well on the school board.


People describe Stratton as humble, compassionate, calm and fair. We couldn't agree more.


Nash has served as a board member of the Sewickley Community Center, a youth mentor, and parent, with his wife, Carla—the Executive Director of the Union Aid Society of Sewickley.

Nash couples his business background with his genuine desire to ensure every child—from all economic backgrounds--has access to the educational programming and wrap-around services to succeed. He has spent time listening to both supporters and opponents of the plan to build a new high school in Leet Township and supports a fiscally sound solution.

Nash secured over 90% of the vote in both the Republican and Democratic primaries and will appear on both lines on the ballot. It speaks to his independence and willingness to build consensus when contentious issues arise.


Nash’s opponent missed the candidate filing deadline and launched his write-in campaign to protest the school district’s mask policy. His relentless anti-mask crusade and his eagerness to misrepresent facts and mislead voters have defined his campaign. Unlike Nash, his opponent has shown little interest in doing his homework on the wide range of issues school board members must address in their roles.

Nash is running a grass-roots campaign that is banking on the good will and trust he has earned in this community over the years.

Stratton Nash is the far superior candidate in Region 2 and will serve as a thoughtful voice for Sewickley residents on the school board.

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