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Fixer Upper?

Believe it or not, that is what a small, but vocal group in our community is suggesting. 

Here are just a few reasons attempting to renovate a nearly 100 year old building is not going to work:

  • A renovation of the existing building would have significant, detrimental impact on current students, potentially across all age groups

    • Existing students would have to vacate the High School for at least 3 years likely into 26 portable trailers spread out across the athletic facilities and existing parking lots. This would mean no on-campus athletic events, no student drivers and extremely limited parking resulting in off-site parking with shuttles for staff and visitors.

    • Even if you assume nothing goes wrong with the incredibily complicated renovation, approximately 900 kids in our community will spend nearly all or a significant portion of their high school experience in trailers on the athletic fields and parking lot while the rest of the campus is turned in to a construction zone.



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  • There are significant geotechnical and site limits with the current location of the high school.

    • Exhaustive studies have been done over several years which show that the location is in a floodplain, deep foundations and retaining walls would be needed, and groundwater flooding issues would be present.




Even after the proposed $73,000,000 and 3+ years, will everything be "fixed"?

Not even close.

  • Limited classroom space - no room to grow!

  • Lack of a competitive gym space and outdated athletic facilities

  • Accessibility issues would persist

  • Lack of Parking would still be a major issue

  • Traffic issues in mornings/afternoons creating unsafe conditions would be unchanged

  • Traffic issues for school events would be unchanged



Learn More!

Quaker Valley SD High School Facilities Update

Presented at March 10, 2020 board meeting by Dr. Andrew Surloff, Assistant Superintendent


Quaker Valley SD High School Facilities Update

Presented on May 12, 2020 board meeting by Mr. Charlie Gauthier, Director Facilities

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