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QV Strong Endorsement:
Daniela Sauro Helkowski
& Jonathan Kuzma

Region 2: Bell Acres, Leet, Leetsdale
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Two Solid Choices Deeply Rooted in the Quaker Valley Community 

This region is fortunate to have two candidates who complement one another and give voice to the varied concerns of Leet, Leetsdale, and Bell Acres residents.

Since serving as the student representative on the school board in his high school days, Jonathan Kuzma has demonstrated a passion for making Quaker Valley a sought-after school district for parents who want their kids to receive a first-rate education. Kuzma does his homework and has shown a mastery of the school budget and district finances. He is a proven consensus builder and is highly responsive to citizen concerns.

Daniela Sauro Helkowski, a mother of three QV students, has been a consistent advocate for educational programs that meet the different needs of children—from special education learners to advance placement students. She strongly believes our schools need to help every child identify their strengths and enable them to find their path in life, whether that leads to post-graduation enrollment in trade school, college, or other career training. Helkowski has been forceful in pushing the district to be more transparent and communicative—especially on the high school project that will be built in her hometown.

As the final stages of the planning, design and construction of the new high school unfold, Helkowski and Kuzma will balance the needs of the many generations of students who need a new high school with the wishes of Leet and Leetsdale residents--who want to ensure traffic, noise, and stormwater issues are addressed in a way that protects neighbors’ quality of life.

Both Kuzma and Helkowski are fiscal conservatives who seek to reign in administrative overhead and voted for two consecutive budgets with no property tax increases.

In Region I, voters can confidently choose Daniela Sauro Helkowski and Jonathan Kuzma, knowing they will serve as honest, sincere, well-informed volunteer representatives on the school board.

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