The NEW Quaker Valley High School

Welcome to QV Strong! We are a volunteer group made up of parents, grandparents and alumni dedicated to providing information to everyone interested in the proposed new Quaker Valley High School project. 

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Our current high school was constructed nearly 100 years ago and was built to meet the needs of the early 20th century, not the 21st. 

The New Quaker Valley High School
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The best learning environment for our children.

Cost Per Student Analysis

The best value for taxpayers.

Referendum Details

Learn about the Pennsylvania state law requirements for a referendum. 

Rumor vs Fact
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Dispell the myths and provide accurate information about the project. 

Site Plan

Get more info on the site and review site plan conceptual drawings.


"The district spent several years gathering input from parents, students, and teachers on a new facility. It's time to end the delays and build a new Quaker Valley High School!"

 - Kirk Fordham

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