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Welcome to QV Strong! We are a volunteer group dedicated to supporting robust community understanding, involvement and transparency into all district planning, programs, and projects. 

New architectural drawings are stunning!

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Renderings provided by the Architects from Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Renderings provided by the Architects from Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Renderings provided by the Architects from Bohlin Cywinski Jackson


Renderings provided by the Architects from Bohlin Cywinski Jackson


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Land use approved for new QV High School

In a ruling issued Monday, the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County granted Quaker Valley School District's zoning request to build a school in Leet Township.


The court decision clears the way for QV to build a state-of-the-art high school on 108 acres off of Camp Meeting Road. 


The ruling overturned a March decision by the Leet Zoning Hearing Board, which denied the district's application based on a lack of an additional emergency access road. In ruling on the case, Judge Joseph M. James noted, "The Board’s finding regarding emergency access was based on speculation with no foundation in the record."


Judge James recognized an emergency plan as a legitimate concern for the community, but affirmed that an emergency access road was not a matter to be addressed as part of zoning approval. QVSD has committed to putting an emergency plan in place, working with local emergency responders and township officials. Any access road, as well as other details, will be worked out collaboratively with Leet Township's Planning Commission during the development process. 


The parents, grandparents, and community members of QV Strong expressed their strong support of the decision.


"As the parent of a recent Quaker Valley graduate and a current junior, I am relieved the high school project can finally move forward at the new location," said Hadley Haas, a member of the QV Strong Steering Committee. "Many generations of students will benefit from a safe, modern, healthy learning environment with the technology to prepare our kids to succeed in the future." 


Leet residents, in particular, will benefit from having a top-rated high school built in their township.


"This long-overdue decision opens the door to the creation of a 21st century high school right here in Leet Township," said Don Birnie, a longtime Leet resident, who also serves on the QV Strong Steering Committee. "This will be a huge asset to Leet residents and everyone in the Quaker Valley community."


"The individuals and families who make up QV Strong encourage the Leet Planning Commission to work collaboratively with Quaker Valley School District to ensure the school satisfies the needs of students, teachers and nearby residents," said Leet resident John Stunda. "We urge Planning Commission members to move at a more deliberate pace to ensure the new school is completed in a timely manner. Further delays only harm Quaker Valley students who deserve a far superior learning environment than the current facility."

Our First Peek at the Future QV High School!


Rendering provided by the Architects from Bohlin Cywinski Jackson


Renderings provided by the Architects from Bohlin Cywinski Jackson


Renderings provided by the Architects from Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Want to See More?
Check out this video to see 3D renderings and discussion of the future Quaker Valley High School

What the Leet Zoning Board Means for the New QV High School

The Quaker Valley School District has revealed their intention to appeal the Leet Township zoning decision regarding the new high school, opting to expedite the decision to the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas. This is a logical and procedural decision that prevents further delays and unnecessary costs, while continuing to keep safety and the best interests of our students at the forefront. QV Strong supports the district in this decision. 


The Background


On Feb. 9 the Leet Township Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) voted to tentatively deny QV’s application to build a new high school on Camp Meeting Road. However, in their statements, zoning board members made it clear they support building the school at this site. In fact, board members pointedly rejected the arguments made by detractors who sought to portray plans as a detriment to the health, welfare and safety of the community. The initial application was denied because it did not include a third access road separate from the school district’s two planned driveways off Camp Meeting Road. The ZHB encouraged QVSD to amend their application to include a third access. This was unexpected and highly unusual. After thoughtful deliberation, QVSD decided not to amend their application and the ZHB issued their final denial on March 28.


Further delays will hurt our kids and drive up costs 


The Quaker Valley School District has made it clear they will work with police and fire officials to provide multiple access roads to the school to ensure the safety of students in the event of an emergency. 

However, amending the application would have further prolonged what has already been an unnecessarily lengthy hearing and zoning approval process. Quaker Valley originally submitted their application to the ZHB one year ago. According to the zoning ordinance, the ZHB should have rendered its decision within 90 days. Instead, the hearings were prolonged with hours of testimony on topics far outside the jurisdiction of the zoning board. The members of the ZHB were extremely patient and thoughtful throughout these unusual proceedings. 

Nonetheless, if QVSD had amended their application, a new round of hearings would be initiated, further prolonging the approval process at significant cost to taxpayers.

Opponents of the new school had already promised to appeal any approval by the ZHB to the same court. Rather than put the community and taxpayers through another round of costly hearings, as well as an appeal, QVSD has chosen to expedite the process, preventing further delays for a desperately needed high school. 

Safety will not be sacrificed

We are confident the school district is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of the entire community. QVSD leaders have expressed their commitment to working with local first responders to develop an emergency access plan with the Leet Township Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners. 

QV Strong remains committed to ensuring the children of our community can attend a safe, modern high school in the shortest time frame possible. QVSD’s chosen path in this matter supports that goal. We are pleased Quaker Valley plans to appeal this decision to the Court of Common Pleas, and we are hopeful it will be resolved swiftly. We remain grateful to the members of the Leet Zoning Hearing Board for their service to our community and this important mission. 

It’s Time to Build!  

Learn More about the NEW
Quaker Valley High School!
Why Not Beaver?
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The QVHS current site on Beaver Street does not have the space or land conditions to adequately support a modern building.

The New Quaker Valley High School
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The best learning environment for our children.

Cost Per Student Analysis

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Referendum Details

Learn about the Pennsylvania state law requirements for a referendum. 

Rumor vs Fact
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Dispell the myths and provide accurate information about the project. 

Site Plan
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Get more info on the site and review site plan conceptual drawings.

"The district spent several years gathering input from parents, students, and teachers on a new facility. It's time to end the delays and build a new Quaker Valley High School!"

 - Kirk Fordham

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